Tenet Release Date Delayed

TENET Release Date Delayed Once Again, Will Not Release in July

Christopher Nolan’s Tenet release date has been delayed once again. Instead of hitting movie theaters on July 31, the film is now scheduled for August 12. The delay is similar to the previous one, i.e., two weeks from the announced date. 

It’s a mild disappointment considering positive news was coming from the account of Warner Bros. India. It is the second time this mega-budget film has been pushed back. Two primary reasons can be interpreted for this delay.

Tenet Release Date Delay Has a Lot to do With Losing Money

Tenet Budget $205 Million

At a budget of $205 Million, Warner Bros cannot risk scheduling Tenet‘s release date early when most parts of the world are under lockdown, with the movie theatres yet to open. 

Considering movie theatres will open under strict limitations, due to social distancing and fewer shows, Team Warner does not want to waste the substantial revenue they can make from Nolan’s film, singularly to attain the tag of the film that revived the movie market post-lockdown.

Though Nolan decided to seek this opportunity earlier, while also limiting the first delay to a mere 2-weeks, the studio managed to change his mind this time around.

The Increase in Corona Cases Worldwide

As per reports, COVID cases will be at its peak during the month of July. As a result, the percentage of people returning to cinemas is low. While there was full certainty of movie theatres to open in New York and LA, which are the two major markets for film studios, the sudden increase in the COVID cases has caused another uncertainty. 

The news came out that New York and Los Angeles cinemas won’t be reopening with Phase 4. Besides, India, another essential market for the film, has witnessed a significant increase in the active Corona cases this week. Since Unlock 2.0 is soon to be announced, which will include the movie theatres’ fate, the government may not allow cinemas to reopen in July.

Re-Release of Inception Now Set for July 31

Inception Teaser Poster

The Hollywood Reporter revealed the news for the second push of Nolan’s Tenet release date. The Warner Bros. spokesperson gave the official statement, “Warner Bros. is committed to bringing Tenet to audiences in theaters, on the big screen, when exhibitors are ready, and public health officials say it’s time. Right now, we need to be flexible, and we are not treating this as a traditional movie release.”

He further added, “We are choosing to open the movie mid-week to allow audiences to discover the film in their own time, and we plan to play longer, over an extended play period far beyond the norm, to develop a very different yet successful release strategy.”

Nolan’s film has been marketed very well, with minimal plot details revealed in the trailers. It is wise of the studio to release it when people are ready to come out. With precautionary measures in play, it is no more the fight of being the biggest first-weekend grosser; rather, it is about having the longest legs, which the film is expected to perform.

Conclusively, Tenet release date is set for August 12. And the re-release of Inception, which completes 10 years, is swapped from July 17 to July 31. Let us hope the world recovers from the pandemic at a faster pace, and life becomes more normal as it was before. You can watch the trailer of Tenet below.

Are you eagerly waiting to see Tenet? What is your favorite Christopher Nolan film? Let me know below in the comments section.

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