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Tenet Final Trailer Reveals the Likely Shortcomings in Nolan’s 11th Film

Tenet final trailer dropped earlier this morning, as per Indian Standard Time, and it features the much-marketed single from Travis Scott, called ‘The Plan.’ The trailer mainly functions as a music video and shows you A WHOLE LOT OF new footage. Despite your best intentions of looking away from the screen, it is tough to do it. Christopher Nolan’s movies are often beautifully filmed, and Tenet is no exception.

Each new scene is filled with pivotal details and the immensely good looking actors who seem to be giving their best in slaying onscreen. Surprisingly, it also supplies a few shortcomings, which may or may not feel that way during its entirety but gives ominous vibes. In case you haven’t seen the trailer, see it now.

Tenet Final Trailer Hints at an Overblown, Globetrotting Adventure

It was sure from the film’s first marketing campaign that Tenet will be the wildest film Christopher Nolan has ever made. The much-emphasized budget was an indicator of how Nolan is fully capitalizing on the confidence of Warner Bros, which he has accumulated over the years. 

And as it turns out in the final trailer, Tenet is genuinely a colossal vomit of an idea. It is equally an admirable and perturbing thing. I wrote earlier about how Nolan MUST NOT TAKE UNNECESSARY RISKS by releasing the film during the coronavirus’s peak time. Though my suggestion is entirely out of the equation now (the film is releasing), the responses are expectedly accurate. 

The coda of the reviews surfacing on the Internet has come down to whether Tenet is a film worth risking your life. Instead, it should have been about how good or bad it is, only as a movie. This inadvertently novel method of assessment may prove harmful for the film, although I am sure it will manage to break-even.  

World War III Tenet Final Trailer

Tenet’s final trailer showcases plenty of new footage that reveals crucial details (almost spoilery) for how its pointillistic plot will unfold. Running for more than 3 minutes, the trailer unveils a look into how Nolan has depicted World War III. The scenes showcase large scale warfare occurring in the time inversion setup. 

Recalling how Nolan usually intercuts multiple sequences together, the supposedly World War III sequence can be both the climax of the film or a large part of the third act. And it is a strange feeling, but watching the sequence given in the trailer provides an air of a Michael Bay movie, for how overblown it seems.

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There is already enough action in the previous trailers (the IMAX prologue is a significant James Bond sized movie opener). Hence, it makes me distraught how much juice the film will suck out of my mind. Inception overpassed the ideal limit, too, but it provided enough respite to follow the story. Hoping Tenet does the same, if not worse.

Clémence Poésy Sounds Gibberish, John David Washington Looks Disinterested

In one of the expository scenes shown in the previous trailers, Clémence Poésy’s character reveals John David Washington the nuts and bolts of time inversion, highlighting the stakes of the story. “Nuclear holocaust?” he asks. “No, something worse,” she replies.

John David Washington Tenet

This trailer features an extension of the same scene where JDW is asked to differentiate between two seemingly identical bullets, w.r.t their time inversion attributes. As she asks him, Washington gives her a detached, one-note stare, ultimately shaking his head in replying ‘No!.’

This entire scene feels ostentatious, reflecting what looks like unsuccessfully etched characters. In general, Nolan’s films encapsulate a lot of exposition. It is understandable because his stories are very expansive. Here though, he seems to be a little self-indulgent. There is a lot of artificiality in Poésy’s character. It can entirely be because of her performance, or apparently, that is how Nolan wanted her to act. Either way, it is a bit protruding to boast about the story’s originality. And I say this by only seeing a couple of scenes from the trailers. I can be entirely wrong for how it plays out in the movie. For now, the crowing is conspicuous.


John David Washington, on the other hand, looks and sounds very dull. I was amazed by the IMAX prologue, seeing his fantastic athletism. Now having seen a variety of his dramatic, conversational scenes, his performance seems quite lifeless. The intention behind his character may have been to make ‘The Protagonist’ (this is what he is called in the film) ruminative. And that is why his performance seems deliberately done. Though he only seems disinterested, which is quite unpropitious. Again, I can only hope the better scenes are saved for the theatre experience.

Besides, the first wave of reviews hit yesterday, and on the upside, the reactions are polarizing. The Tomatometer, at this moment, is at 79% of 43 reviews, which is quite less than what is considered GREAT. It is a thing of joy, for there is the absolute certainty that the film is either extremely good or a beautiful mess. 

I would happily watch a film that isn’t afraid of taking risks and allows good arguments. Christopher Nolan’s previous movies, most notably Interstellar (rated 74% on RT), had polarizing reactions too, but the broad exchange of views over the years, has made it a cerebral film. Tenet Final Trailer assures the latest Christopher Nolan brain-teaser is on the same route. And regardless of its noticeable blemishes, I will be in the horde of Nolan enthusiasts to book the First Day, First Show of the film, whenever it gets an official release date in India. 

What do you think about Tenet Final Trailer? Will you be going to see it in cinemas? Share your thoughts below in the comments section.

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