How Zack Snyder’s Justice League Has Fixed A Major Problem

As Zack Snyder’s Justice League nears its release date, the hype is building fast. No film, since Tenet (post-covid conditions), has enjoyed such a substantial buzz. The fans are continually geeking out on every new itsy-bitsy detail that Snyder teases aggressively. And yesterday, he dropped the most prominent piece of information. 

Tweeting a short promo (see it below) for the new trailer due this Sunday (9:14 am PST, 10:44 pm IST), Snyder gave us the first look at Henry Cavill’s Superman in his regenerative black suit. 

The suit was supposed to feature in the theatrical cut of Justice League but was left out (there was one scene providing a glimpse at it, included in the deleted scenes). Hence, the fans hoped to see Henry Cavill in the said outfit in Snyder’s extended version and yesterday’s promo has confirmed the same. 


The suit looks fantastic on Henry. In case you’re lacking the knowledge relating to the suit’s significance (it is not merely for fashion statement), you can read this informative article. The nerd in me is extremely satisfied by the costume’s detailing, for how legit it looks, and I hope it remains uniform for all parts of the film.

What I wish to be more consistent, however, is the actual reason for writing this article. If you adjust your eyes above the graceful symbol of El, Henry Cavill’s face looks perfectly natural. Understand where I am aiming at?

My biggest gripe with Justice League was the horrible visual effects work done on camouflaging Henry Cavill’s moustache. I went to see the film on the first day of its release on IMAX. And despite the poor critical reception it received (comparatively better than Snyder’s previous misfires), I was hopeful to see, at the very least, a gorgeous looking film. But I was disturbed by the opening scene itself, which featured some of the worst CGI of all-time for a top-tier Hollywood production.


The said intro was entirely unnecessary for the plot yet shoehorned at the beginning for no understandable reason (the first genuine appearance of Superman, otherwise, was nowhere distracting). 

I had heard of some awful CGI, but frankly, I hadn’t expected an embarrassment like that. I hoped a $300 million production to have the best kind of artists taking care of the problem. But the result was worse than what YouTubers accomplish.

The entire climax, which was a tremendous visual tragedy in itself, was specifically brutal to enjoy due to the tackily CGI-ed face of Cavill. Yesterday’s promo has, at the very least, ensured us that the issue is addressed correctly. 

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I don’t care if Snyder filmed all of Henry Cavill’s Superman scenes again to be as immaculate with his cut (I cannot accept Whedon excluded 90% of the footage Snyder had already filmed before, as everyone says he did). $70 million have been spent further for this cut, rationally, figuring the budget to a crazy $370 million. It is a baffling investment – particularly for a film that is plotwise, not good.

Fan service has been the denominator and as a fan myself, I just want to see a film that is rewarding enough to justify the 3-years of labour went into its making and the extensive amount of time and energy people at large have invested in it. And seeing Henry Cavill’s Superman how I wanted in the first place makes me hopeful.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League will release on March 18 on HBO Max. Watch the first trailer below.

What are your thoughts on Zack Snyder’s Justice League? How far do you think will it supersede the theatrical cut? Let me know by posting below in the comments section.

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