DC Extended Universe Movies Ranked

All 8 DC Extended Universe Movies Ranked

DC Extended Universe (DCEU) had a topsy-turvy ride. Their hastiness in rivaling Marvel and its well-planned shared universe costed them significantly. What should have been an actual movie event (Batman V Superman) resulted in dismay and a massive setback for future films. 

The studio got webbed in making amends to the complaints of their previous films’ and failed to make significant progress. Thanks to Patty Jenkins’ Wonder Woman, the drastic change in tone and storytelling ushered a new hope for the studio. The world welcomed its less-Snyderish appeal, ultimately forging a different path for the succeeding DC movies.


Aquaman and Shazam were largely untied to the shared universe, except a few references. And their success, both critical and commercial, assured the DC heroes can thrive independently, without neediness to have connected storylines. 

Joker‘s massive success proved how eager the fans are to watch solo films, if made well. It was the first official film to not belong to the DC Extended Universe , validating the irrelevancy of having one. 

It remains unconfirmed if the shared universe is thoroughly done with or not, but I feel it is, as the upcoming reboots The Batman and The Suicide Squad affirms it. 

We may get ensemble films in the future, but it is unlikely for it to be part of the older DCEU films. So, all said and done, here are the 8 DC Extended Universe movies ranked from the worst of the worst to its most fulfilling adventures.

8) Suicide Squad

After the debacle that was Batman V SupermanSuicide Squad had a lot to live up to. Its premise was interesting enough. A team of bad guys was coming together for the first time, and the cast was GREAT!! 

Yet, the film turned out to be a more significant disappointment than its precursor. The excessive reliance on style over substance didn’t leave room for gravitas. Despite an exciting beginning, the narrative collapsed, precisely when the whole squad united. 

Its quite a shame for the film to lack any memorable moment, let alone be overall cohesive and watchable. Jared Leto’s Joker was cut-short for a PG-13 rating, and whatever was saved of him didn’t feel appreciative enough.


7) Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice

The idea leading to a Batman V Superman brawl was frankly great. The alternate depiction of the Black Zero Event from Wayne’s perspective immediately sketched his grudge with Superman, while also responding to the criticism of Man of Steel.

Within 5-minutes, we knew the Gothamite is going to take down the Kryptonian. But the movie failed to provide a genuine explanation to Superman’s motivation in fighting Batman. At least, not in the theatrical version.

What was provided, though, was utterly ridiculous. Luther’s plan to trick Superman sucked. And it worsened with the eye-rolling Martha scene, an unwanted regression to the 80s cheese. The problems did not end there.

Batfleck, though Badass, was also extremely problematic. His moral compass was questionable as he was nothing more than a killing machine. The film had a shot of Robin’s armor, implying his death. But the exclusion of any explanation for it and apparently, the harsher times in the city made Batman excruciatingly hard to like.


The editing, too, was very abrupt, with numerous jarring transitions. Henry Cavill was underutilized, while Amy Adams, criminally wasted. Her damsel in distress became a distraction after a point, and boy, how overblown the climax was.

There was no need for Doomsday to be in the movie. Had they focused on making the conflict between Batman and Superman more profound, the film could have been substantially better.

And in case you thought I wouldn’t mention it, the shoehorned Justice League tease was agitating.

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