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9 Life Lessons from Enola Holmes

Movies often do more than providing routine breaks of escapism from life’s perpetual hustle and bustle. They educate us in various forms, whether through commercial films, art-house cinema, or documentaries. As a massive cinephile, I have loved to analyze and extract valuable life lessons from movies. I believe cinema is an underrated form of learning, which generally isn’t recognized by most people. There is a lot to discern in the enjoyment that often becomes an influential source of inspiration. 

One of my primary reasons to start this blog is to share the life lessons I accumulate from the films that change me better. It’s a great pleasure to finally kickstart this category and share the life-affirming lessons movies have intertwined in their narratives.

Here are 9 life lessons from Enola Holmes, the newest Netflix film, starring Millie Bobbie Brown as the precocious sibling of the legendary Sherlock Holmes.

Note: There can be two ways of doing these posts, i.e., by spoiling the story, which I intend to do for films released at least a year ago or earlier, considering most people have seen it. Or by quoting the dialogues that underline a lesson. However, dialogue isn’t always the only way to confer a life lesson. Hence, I would try my best not to spoil any newly released film.

Lesson 1: You Have to Take Risks in Order to Achieve Sucess

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Sometimes you must dangle your feet in the water in order to attract the sharks.

– Sherlock Holmes

Lesson 2: Your True Character is Revealed During Difficult Times

Eudoria Holmes Helena Bonham Carter

There will come a time when you must make a hard choice. And in that moment, you will discover what mettle you truly have, and what you’re prepared to risk, for what matters.

– Eudoria Holmes

Lesson 3: You Must Distinguish Yourself Correctly for Who You Truly Are

9 Life Lessons from Enola Holmes

Unlike most well-bred ladies, I was never taught to embroider. I never molded wax roses, hemmed handkerchiefs, or strung seashells. I was taught to watch and listen. I was taught to fight. This is what my mother made me for.

– Enola Holmes

Lesson 4: You Always Have Two Paths to Choose From: Either Your Own or Those of the Others

Helena Bonham Carter Enola

There are two paths you can take, Enola. Yours or the path others choose for you.

– Eudoria Holmes

Lesson 5: You Must Remain Focused in Your Own Work Than Be Distracted By What Others Are Doing

Eudoria Holmes

Paint your own picture, Enola. Don’t be thrown off by other people.

– Eudoria Holmes

Lesson 6: You are the Master of Your Own Fate

Henry Cavill Sherlock Holmes

The choice is always yours. Whatever society may claim, it can’t control you.

– Sherlock Holmes

Lesson 7: An Individual’s Privacy Must Be Valued

Life Lessons from Enola Holmes

Mother believed privacy was the highest virtue, and the one most frequently violated.

– Enola Holmes
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Lesson 8: Intuition is the Most Important Kind of Intelligence

Life Lessons from Movies

Facts don’t distract from hope.

– Enola Holmes

Lesson 9: Each Problem is Accompanied by the Solution

Life Lessons from Enola Holmes

It’s always there, the truth. You just need to look for it.

– Sherlock Holmes

What do you think of these life lessons? Have I missed out on anything further relevant? Comment below and let me know. 

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