7 Life Lessons from Hubie Halloween

Hubie Halloween couldn’t have arrived at a better time. The last two weeks have been quite eventful everywhere globally, and Adam Sandler’s Netflix comedy has fulfilled a lot more than was expected. 

The film is a riot from start to last. I immensely enjoyed it and loved many of its funny dialogues. It beautifully captures the celebratory spirit and is very well written and directed – most precisely, for telling a life-affirming story.

It’s the story of a do-gooder who is often bullied by people of his surroundings. It is a resonating tale for the current times when intolerance has completely overlapped all acts of kindness. 

Adam Sandler is brilliant in the film, and so is his comic timing. But I really liked the movie for the numerous life lessons it encapsulates, which is always lovely for a family film. 

However, I must warn you – a couple of dialogues might give away some of the plot details. Hence, if you haven’t seen the film yet, do see it first on Netflix.

Here are 7 life lessons from Hubie Halloween, which guides us to be a better person.


You see, Hubie. True bravery’s being kind. Even to those who are being cruel to you.


You’re always thinking of everyone else and never of yourself. But I guess that’s why you’re a hero.


You have to learn to stand up for yourself.


If you don’t fight back, the bullies never stop.


I gotta say, it is impressive how long he has been a loser.


Well, take it from me. Nice matters!


Could any of you take the abuse you dish out to my Hubie?

What do you think of Hubie Halloween? Do you enjoy the film? What are your favorite Halloween movies? Comment below and let me know!

If you want to add more life lessons from the film I may have missed, do share.

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