7 Life Lessons From Ford V Ferrari

Out of the eight best picture nominees of 2019, one was James Mangold’s, Ford V Ferrari. Like any sports movie, the film was formula-driven and had the clichés of its genre. The story, however, was shockingly different, or should I say, heartbreaking.

It was unexpected, more so unbelievable what happened in its climax. I remember googling it during the end credits and was appalled to discover the narrative was faithful to the real events. The story of Ken Miles and Carroll Shelby immensely resonated with me, as I found their hard work and determination inspiring.

That being said, the film has some incredible life lessons, which apply in our daily experiences for various reasons. As theatres reopened in mid of October, I re-watched the movie on IMAX, and I was as amazed by its immersiveness as the first time, more so because of its remarkable story (and storytelling), than the format itself.

So, with all my love for the film, here are the 7 life lessons from Ford V Ferrari I learned.

Doing What You Love Never Feels Like Work


Shelby: Son, it’s a truly lucky man who knows what he wants to do in this world. Because that man will never work a day in his life.

Having Expertise Can Make a Tremendous Difference


Remington: The uninitiated have a tendency to soil themselves.

Beware Of The Crab Mentality


Miles: Have you ever been to Detroit? I mean, they have floors and floors of lawyers and millions of marketing guys, and they’re all gonna want to meet you, and they’re all gonna want their photos taken with the great Carroll Shelby, and they’re gonna kiss your ass, and they’re gonna go back to their lovely offices, and they’re gonna work out new ways to screw you. Why? Because they can’t help it. Because they just want to please their boss, who wants to please his boss, who wants to please his boss, and they hate themselves for it but deep down, who they hate even more are guys like you because you’re not like them because you don’t think like them because you’re different.

Aim For Quality Over Quantity


Iacocca: Enzo Ferrari will go down in history as the greatest car manufacturer of all time. Why? Because he built the most cars? No. Because of what his cars meant. 

Never Judge A Book By Its Cover 


Miles: If this was a beauty pageant, we just lost. Looks fast. Doesn’t it?

Shelby: Looks ain’t everything.

Always Aim Higher


Peter: You can’t make every lap perfect. 

Miles: No. But I can try.

Arriving First Gives You The Best Chance Of Finding Success


Remington: Shelby. You’re up bright and early.

Shelby: The Early bird gets the worm, Pops.

If there are more life lessons from Ford V Ferrari you would like to share, post below in the comments section.

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