13 Funny Dialogues from Tenet

Ahoy! It has been over a month and a half since I posted something. But here I am – back – at last, after a jolly good Diwali time. Plenty of things happened in between, which includes new releases (many!), alterations in release dates (Wonder Woman!), and the biggest of all – the official announcement of Tenet release date in India, which all the Christopher Nolan fans have been waiting for. 

I managed to experience the film in September. Hence, I’m not as excited. But I can surely relate with the restlessness of those who haven’t seen it, and I am eager for their reactions.

If you haven’t seen the film yet, I forbid you from reading further, for some of the dialogues can hint at important plot points undisclosed in the trailers.

Watch the official release date announcement trailer of Tenet.

The writing in Christopher Nolan movies is often very information-laden. Most of his characters are usually very posh, and brainy, and lack a casual talk. Hence, humour takes a backseat. Tenet, oddly, has some, as I regard it, unintentionally funny dialogues which chuckled me.

I browsed the Internet if anyone has shared them, but I couldn’t find anything. Henceforth, I’m doing the needful. Read below the 13 funny dialogues from Tenet which are surprisingly amusing, even though not necessarily intended.


You might be the first case of hypothermia from a gasoline explosion in history.


Look, no offence, but in this world where someone is claiming to be a billionaire, Brooks Brothers won’t cut it.

Michael Crosby

“He paid 9 million dollars for it.”
“Would barely cover the cost of the holiday he just forced us on.”
“Where did you go? Mars?”

The Protagonist, Kat

“It’s very gratifying to watch a man you don’t like try to pull his own balls out of his throat before he chokes.”
“Is this is how you treat all your guests?”

Sator, The Protagonist

“Everyone and everything that has ever lived…destroyed. Instantly. Precise enough?”
“Including my son?”

Neil, Kat

“Mr Sator wants to see you.”
“Uhh… he wants to see me without pants?”

Volkov, The Protagonist

“How would you like to die?”
“You chose the wrong profession.”

Sator, The Protagonist

Look, don’t get on the chopper if you can’t stop thinking in linear terms.


I ordered my hot sauce an hour ago.

The Protagonist

You’ve got the suit, the shoes, the watch. But I think you’re a little out of your depth.


“You British do not have a monopoly on snobbery, you know.”
“Well, not a monopoly. More of a controlling interest.”

The Protagonist, Michael Crosby
John David Washington Tenet

“There’s a number in your left coat pocket, don’t call from home.”
“You won’t be taking my call.”
“I might surprise you.”

The Protagonist, Kat

“You want to crash a plane?”
“Not from the air, not so dramatic.”
“Well, how big a plane?”
“Well, that part is a little dramatic.”

The Protagonist, Neil

If you have seen the film, and suspect I’ve missed out anything relevant, let me know below in the comments section. I’ll happily update the list.

PS. Two bonus tracks were released by Water Tower Music as part of the score’s Deluxe Edition. You can listen one of them below.

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