13 Funny Dialogues from Hubie Halloween

You don’t insult a film like Hubie Halloween by reviewing it. Its meant for enjoyment, and you simply enjoy it. I immensely liked it. It not only turned out to be a frequently hilarious film but also a life-affirming one

Adam Sandler is, once again, fantastic. He has maintained his form since Uncut Gems and is stellar as a manchild. He has plenty of witty dialogues to say that are appropriately memorable. 

If you have seen the film by now, you can indeed recall some of those lines. But if you haven’t, do watch the movie on Netflix.

Here are 13 funny dialogues from Hubie Halloween, which you will find amusing.


“When I was your age, I made some huge boners.”
“Boners that I wish I could get back now.”


“Boobie! What are you doing?”
“Nothing. What are you doing?”
“I am officiating a funeral.”
“On Halloween?”
“People die every day, dummy. They don’t skip holidays.”


“Say, Mr. Lambert, How old are you?”
“You know, age is just a state of mind.”
“That’s why I played T-ball till I was 25.”


“What’s your name?”
“Well, you’re a smart cookie.”


“Hubert Shubert Dubois, do you hear me?”
“The whole neighborhood will hear you, Ma. You’re practically screaming.”


“Say Hello to Hubie.”
“Hi, Hubie. What school do you go to?”
“No. He’s a grown man.”


“Hey, Pubie! Give me back my cat!”
“Boy, that nickname spread like warm peanut butter.”


“I love the Wicked Witch costume. It’s classic.”
“It’s not a costume.”


“I’m sorry, buddy. The package got by me.”


“Let him speak. He’s a Human Being.”


“I feel bad for him.”
“No, baby. He overstayed his welcome.”


“Did you suddenly get cool?”
“It comes and goes.”


“Nothing broken. Physically speaking.”

What do you think of Hubie Halloween? Did you enjoy the film? Also, what is your favorite Adam Sandler movie? Share your thoughts below and let me know!

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